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Liberty City's Stanley Campbell launches bid for U.S. Senate in Florida

Photo Credit: Stanley Campbell--Ballotpedia

"This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in."

--Theodore Roosevelt

By Llerraj Esuod


From Miami's Liberty City, Stanley Campbell has embarked on a journey to the U.S. Senate. While riding along 58th Terrace and Northwest 11th Avenue, looking out the window and watching the asphalt grow, he felt moved to do more for people who come from humble beginnings but feel so disenfranchised that they do not believe in possibilities beyond their current reality.


To reshape Florida's political environment, Campbell, a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur and graduate of Florida A&M University, announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Sen. Rick Scott. Campbell's campaign aims to address pressing issues facing the Sunshine State, ranging from healthcare reform to disaster insurance, women's issues, and veteran affairs.


Disaster Insurance Reform


Critical to Campbell's senate race is his proposal for a comprehensive national disaster insurance program. He champions the prospective initiative as a safety net for Americans geared toward preventing financial devastation after natural disasters. He plans to prioritize rallying his constituents around implementing this agenda when he unseats Scott. Federal and state resources would fund it.


When hurricanes approach gulf states — Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas — "It affects us equally; it's just a matter of the storm's trajectory," Campbell said. "Florida has the highest insurance rates in the United States. National disaster insurance can supplement inherent damages." He added other states, such as California and Iowa, which are apt for forest fires and ice storms, face similar insurance issues. Campbell predicts a 20 to 28 percent decrease in overall insurance coverage across the country could cause a ripple effect in disaster-prone states.


Championing Women's Health


Campbell notes he is against politicians using women's health as a "political bargaining chip," considering the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2022 decision to repeal its 1973 historic Roe v. Wade ruling.


"This is not an issue for the Senate, the House, or the governor to decide. How do these men produce these ideas on what is best for a woman's body and how it works?" he asked. "Women's health is a woman's issue. Their well-being is a conversation between her and her doctor. Now, there is a time when men come into play because pregnancy is a shared responsibility, but at the end of the day, we must protect the rights of women to make their own healthcare decisions and ensure access to quality care."


 A Voice for Veterans and Active Service Members


The former Navy pilot also mentioned his "commitment to advocating for the needs of military personnel and their families." He condemned Scott's lack of support for veterans and pledges to favor policies that address their challenges, including equitable compensation.


Campbell said he is "disappointed" at Scott's silence against Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who created a stalemate in the senate to overturn Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's policy ensuring access to reproductive care services for service members and approving nominations and promotions for military leaders.


Senate Majority Chuck Schumer called Tuberville's actions "…one of the most abominable and outrageous things I have ever seen in this chamber, witnessed by the fact that no one has ever had the temerity, the gall to do this."


"Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country, and it's time we honored their service with meaningful support. I will fight tirelessly to ensure every veteran receives the care and benefits they deserve," Campbell said. "With 1.5 million veterans in the state of Florida, we are going to remember Scott's lack of support on election day and vote with our conscience."


Oh, Say, Can You See


Campbell's campaign strategy heavily emphasizes bringing people together, bridging partisan divisions, and creating positive change. His approach includes open dialogue, seeking common ground, and promoting policies that benefit Floridians, regardless of political affiliation or socioeconomic status.


"I put myself into the mix to save the senate. With Scott in office, the Pledge of Allegiance goes moot," Campbell said, indicating that his work will be for liberty and justice for all.

--Rebel Writes

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