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Everybody Loves Mr. Jr

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Photo: Jr Chronicles (Instagram)

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

--e. e. cummings

A daughter's laughter is among a daddy's favorite symphonies. Her dulcet whispers into his impatient ears can soften daddy's stubborn heart. YouTube sensation Walter Smith Jr. is a perfect example of the influence a daughter can wield.

At 76, the no-nonsense, self-professed professional curser still eagerly anticipates playdates with his oldest, most antagonizing daughter, Terri. The duo no longer sips imaginary scalding tea from miniature cups and saucers. Their time together now includes hilarious prank calls from a cast of characters played on her daddy's phone or face-to-face trash-talking sessions on the wildly popular Jr. Chronicles YouTube channel, which took off in 2017 after she posted a video of his antics on her Facebook page.

"He has always been funny. He has always spoken his mind. I think the following he has now is just unbelievable," Terri said. "I don't think he will ever filter himself. That mouth is going to go. It is how he acts naturally."

Comedians Michael Blackson, D.L Hughley and D.C. Young Fly have reposted his scathing, quick-witted Redd Foxx-type commentary on their social media platforms; and legendary R&B crooner, K-Ci of Jodeci and his wife, have become personal friends with Mr. Jr.

His smart mouth has also made him a surrogate granddaddy, uncle and friend to his subscribers, especially his Honeybees, whose pictures collage his honeycomb hideout walls.

"[They] call to check in on him, and I appreciate that," Terri said. "It gives him something to look forward to. He loves his fans. If they send a card with their number, Mr. Jr is gonna call. Sometimes I'm at work and can't talk. When I get home, he'll say, 'I talked to Dee in Mobile, Alabama, the lady from Texas who came to my birthday party last year, V from Chicago ... '"

The timing for his comedic relief is perfect, with non-stop racial injustice, the lingering pandemic, spiraling unemployment and bigoted, divisive flames constantly being fanned from the country's leader.

"With everything that is going on in today's time, I think the world needs more laughter," Terri said. "I get so many emails with people saying how they were on the verge of a nervous breakdown, how they wanted to kill themselves until having run across one of Mr. Jr's videos and the hope and joy and laughter they felt after viewing them."

The hope, joy and laughter he now spreads nationally was evident in her childhood.

"He got custody of [me] when I was little so, I've always been a daddy's girl. He's always been in my life all my life. He's always been a great dad and never really hard on me. I can remember going to work with him at the hospital. Walking down the hallway with my feet on top of his, my hands holding onto his, looking up into his eyes, going to Zayre's department store on his lunch break to buy me things and having lunch together," she said, smiling.

Their roles have slightly shifted, with him now residing with her to keep a close eye on him.

"He had his place and was doing his own thing. He didn't want to let his apartment go, but I was like, 'Hey, I'm not gonna be going back and forth at the hospital all the time. I need to make sure you are taking your medicine and are eating good," Terri said. "I need you to move in with me."

He resisted until he realized she was not taking no for an answer.

Besides, living together makes it easier for her to "get him started," because contrary to popular belief, he's usually a quiet storm, albeit indiscriminate with his tongue-lashings. Whether he is snapping on Terri for "talkin' bull shit," he warns with a smirk, "I'll cuss anybody out. If Trump get his bushy head ass in my way, I'll cuss him out, too!"

Threats to give the president the verbal business notwithstanding, Mr. Jr and Terri subscribe to the five-fold ministry of laughter to touch the soul, create positive vibrations, balance perspectives, and promote healthy living and love.

--Rebel Writes

To witness Mr. Jr in action visit:

Facebook: The Real Jr Chronicles

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Sep 01, 2020

I fine Mr. Juniors videos about 3 years ago after my husband died and it brought me great comfort I laugh all the time that Mr Junior and I'm still alone so missing Junior keep me great company thanks Terri for sharing your dad with us he brings great joy to my life I wish I had a dad like . Happy Birthday Mr. Jr. Wish you see a many many more


Aug 31, 2020

Mr. Walter Smith Jr. That article was true from the heart. Terri you Love your dad and it shows, thru every video and Mr. Jr Loves you back Wholeheartedly. Happy Blessed Birtday to you Uncle Jr🥳💕🎉 I love you. Everyday I make it my Business to watch at least 3 of your videos I laugh as if I never seen them before. I watch them especially when I'm driving and eating or if I'm cleaning up. My kids Love you as well. They subscribed to your YouTube channel as well. Love Unc have a wonderful Birthday today 8/31/2020 🥳

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